MGA Results

Men’s Golf Association

Thursday 1 pm shotgun

Thursday, August 22nd

ABC Topline, WESB sponsored

Thank you to our sponsors!
We had 10 Teams today and prizes were awarded to the top 2 gross and top 4 net.
1st. 151
Jay Pecora
Jim Siffrinn
Jeff Pascarella
Ryne Wight
2nd. 155
Dan Reiley
Chris Reiley
Terry Reiley
Tim Reiley
1st. 131
Sharad Bhatt
Ross Neidich
Art Cox
Ray Saunders
2nd. 136
Jim Sloan
Mike Magnetti
Tim O’Neil
Jerome Peterson
3rd. 137
Gene Fazio
Mark Smith
Mike Butler
Rick Cottillion
4th. 142
Christian Mattie
Bill Douglass
Steve Grillo
Fred Fesenmyer

Northwest Savings Bank and Pure Tech

Thursday, August 8th

Thank you to this weeks sponsors Northwest Savings Bank (Norm Strotman) and Pure Tech (Shawn Huber). We had a beautiful day out today with 9 teams competing for over $1000 in total prizes! The format for the event was a shamble, best 3 of 4 par 5s, best 2 of 4s par 4s and best 4 of 4s on par 3sThe A player on the team moved back one tee block, the B and C player played the white and the D player played the red tees.Par for the course was 174.
1st gross: 167
Dan Reiley
Mike Sherman
Tom Smith
Chris Reiley
1st net: 135
Greg Ambuske
Robin Borland
Ken Bruno
Richie Frenz
2nd net: 136
Pat Vigliotta
Stacy Benjamin
Dan Brinsky
Gene Fazio
3rd net: 140
Tim Reiley
Mick  Marshall
John Malizio
Jim Pingie
4th net: 143
Joe Costanzo
John Calcagno
Tom Arrowsmith
Rich Picciolli
Closet to the Pin:
#2 Gene Fazio
#6 Rich Picciollo
#11 Steve Grillo
#17 Sam Lindberg
Next weeks MGA is sponsored by Marshall Insurance,E&M and Togis. They have chose a play your own ball format 4 of 3 on par 3’s,3 of 4 on the par 4’s and 2 of 4 on par 5’s. Sign up for the upcoming MGA here in the pro shop or email me. Thank You.



Bradford Club Italian-American Open

Thursday, July 25

This past Thursday the Pennhills Club hosted 108 players for the MGA Bradford Club Italian-American Open  honoring Gene Fazio’s 84th Birthday. It was a perfect day to be on the golf course and the field was deep with talent. Thank you to our  sponsors and all that participated in the best 2 of 4 shamble format. This coming Thursday is the MGA  sponsored by Fred Fesenmyer  and Dave Monago. Email or call to signup a foursome or as an individual.
Thank you,
Jake Northrup,PGA
1st gross: 126
Brian Rodman
John Forrest
Adam Dauber
Darren Simons2nd gross: 130
Dan Reiley
Shawn Huber
Scott Derwick
Chris Blocher3rd gross: 132
Eric Schenfield
Brent Raabe
Jay Pecora
Tom Vinciquera4th gross: 133
 Mike Sherman
Eric Chafee
Ed Jennings
Nick Lyons
1st net: 116
Mark Cotton
Mike Cercone
John Forrest
Jack Morton
2nd net: 116
Paul Westerburg
Daniel Brinsky
Jim Siffrin
Chris Yerdon

3rd net: 117
Troy Smith
Jonas Vossler
Dave Reid
Chris Simon
4th net: 118
Vince Iaderosa
Jim Veccellio
Joe Font
Pat Ross

Proximity Winners: 
#2 15+ handicap Brett Butler  16’9″
#2 14- handicap Scott Derwick 11’6″
#5 14- Pat Ross (Long Drive)
#6 15+ Dr. Edward Konwinski 4’8″
#6 14- Jack Morton 11″
#11 15+ Ross Neidich 15’9″
#11 14- Keith Stauffer 5″0
#16 15+ Jimmy Siffrinn (Long Drive

B&T Contracting and Shults Sponsored

Thursday, July 18

1st gross:

Gene Fazio

Tom Arrowsmith
Scott Cavagnaro
John Calcagno
1st net:
 Gary Puglio
Jeff Puglio
Andy Reid
Steve Grillo
2nd net:
 Steve Hopkins
Kevin Teribery
Paul Westerburg
Mick Marshall
3rd net:
 Tom Verner
Christian Mattie
Bill Douglass
Brandin Deets

Ott McHenry and Players Downtown Sponsored

Thursday, July 11


Best 4 of 4 on par 3’s

Best 3 of 4 on par 4’s 

Best 2 of 4 on par 5’s

1st gross:

Jay Pecora, Stan Pecora, Mick Marshall and Mike Sherman

 1st Net:

Jack Yoder, Bob Saunders, Tim Sturm and Terry Hess

2nd Net:

Brian Rodman, Bill Douglass and Robin Borland

3rd Net:

Jim Pingie, Stoney Greenberg, Pete Pascarella and Dean Harten


Closet to the Pin

#6 – Jim Pingie

Closet to the Pin on second shot

#18 – Mick Marshall

Dr. Gonzalez Sponsored

Thursday, June 27

Special Thank you to Dr. Luis Gonzalez on his generous sponsorship of this weeks MGA Mens Day!!!

 We had 19 teams. 74 competitors.


Paid out 1st gross, 1st net, 2nd net, 3rd net and 4th net

1st gross

 Terry Reiley

Chris Reiley

Tom Smith

John Yaros

1st net

 Jeff Puglio

Gary Puglio

Andy Reid

Steve Grillo

2nd net

 Walter Gulnac

Dan McCann

William Potter

Christopher Perry

3rd net

Art Cox

Sharad Bhatt

Ray Saunders

Brian Rodman

4th net

 Michael Zaprowski

Fred Zaprowski

Leo Carney

James Kelley

Closet to the Pin winners

 Jeff Puglio

Stoney Greenberg

Jay Pecora

Bob McCann

Scott Cavagnaro

Bill Potter

Joe Marasco

Zippo Manufacturing Sponsored

Thursday, June 20

We had 22 teams with 88 players competing.
The format was a 90 percent handicapped best 2 out of 4 ball stableford.
The event paid both gross and net.
1st….Tom Smith, Shawn Huber, Mike Sherman and Brandin Deets
2nd….Norm Strotman, Jay Pecora, Mick Marshall and Joe Marasco
3rd….Terry Reiley, Chris Reiley, Joe Costanzo and Rich Piccioli
1st….Terry Palmer, Bob Wymer, Chris Wymer and Kim Benjamin
2nd….Bernie Anstett, Tony Gunn, Peter Kohl and Gord Hammer
3rd….Peter Thompson, Brent Sim, Bob DeLeon and Trevor Smykuluk
4th….John Montgomery, Ed Wilson, Ken Dodd and Brent Montgomery
5th….Ron Pezzetta, Jake Westerhoff, Phil Zigby and Jeff Pellizzari


Watkins Glen Sponsored

Thursday, May 30


1st Gross:  score of 126. Tom Smith, Chris Reiley, Terry Reiley and Shawn Huber

2nd Gross: score of 138. Dan Reiley, Steve Kubiak, Stan Pecora and Brandin Deets

1st Net: score of 115. Mick Marshall, Jay Pecora, Mike Sherman and Steve Simon

2nd Net: score of 119. Joe Costanzo, Rich Piccioli, Tom Vinciquera and Tom Federspiel

3rd Net: score of 123. Michael Printup, Don Lenny, Jon Beckman and Bret Booth

Marasco, Grillo, Pecora and Caldwell Sponsored

Week One Results: Thursday, May 23.

1st Gross: 126
Dan Reiley, Tom Smith, Mick Marshall and Tim Reiley
1st net: 123
Stan Pecora, Jay Pecora, Tony Lonzi and Dave Monago
2nd net: 124
Richie Piccioli, Joe Costanzo, Brandin Deets and Steve Kubiak
3rd net: 125
Terry Reiley,Chris Reiley,Dan DeFrank and Mike Sherman


Week One Results: Thursday, May 16



1st– Shawn Huber, Dr. Greg Ambuske, Don Keck and Tom Smith

2nd– Dan DeFrank, Mike Sherman, Terry and Chris Reiley


1st– Tom Arrowsmith, Gene Fazio, Stan Pecora and Kim Benjamin,

2nd– Dr. Edward Konwinski, Jim Pingie, Paul and David Pfaff

3rd– Joe Costanzo, Dr. Robert Simon, Paul Piccioli and John Calcagno


Signups for next Thursday MGA sponsored by Marasco,Caldwell,Grillo and Pecora are available now.