Golf Membership

Golf Course, Clubhouse, Pool

The Golf Membership at the Pennhills Club includes full privileges on the golf course, in the Clubhouse, and at the pool.

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There are several classifications within the golf category based on age and marital status.

The Pennhills Club is proud to offer:

  • Junior Golf – Age 22 and under
  • Single Golf – Non-Married
  • Golf PLUS – Married with One Player
  • Family Golf – Married and Both Play

Single Golf, Golf PLUS, and Family Golf each have (3) age categories within them, as well.  They are:

  • 23-29 years of age
  • 30-39 years of age
  • 40 years of age and over

In addition, there is a further discounted value if a golf member lives and works outside a 20 mile radius of the Pennhills Club.  Residing and working beyond the 20 mile limit qualifies a golf member for a non-residential rate.  In addition, non-resident members are not required to join as a Golf PLUS, unless the spouse plans to use the Club on a social basis. Each golfing membership includes full privileges for dependent children at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

For further information, please contact us by email at or call our office at (814) 368-6159 ext. 2.